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Care Sheet Bearded Dragons

Babies should start off in a 20 gallon cage or a bit bigger and adult should have a 3'l x 2'w x 18"t or so cage. Very important to have a cage big enough to have a hot/basking spot and a cool side. Some kind of climbing structure like a nice branch should be offered to allow your dragon to bask. Note branch should be about 6" away from heat bulb at top of cage.

Many different substrates can be used. I use indoor/outdoor carpet on mine. Its easy to clean and gives the feeder insects less places to hide. Babies should't be house on any substrates other then the carpet or paper towel/news paper. This is do to impaction problems.

10.0 UVB tubs are great. They also come in bulbs plus mercury vapor bulbs are excellent also. For the heating it all depends on how big your cage is for how much heat you'll need. The hot/basking spot should be around 95-105 degrees fahrenheit and the cool side should be around 75-85degrees fahrenheit.

Babies should be offered food 2-3 times a day starting with fresh greens. How many insect feeders you offer depends on size of dragon and feeders but feeder never should be larger then the distance between your dragons eyes. When a dragon reaches a year old it should be offered more greens then feeder insects. When your dragon is adult size. You can feed every other day if need be.

Water should always be available and cleaned daily. Should be deep enough for your dragons to soak fulling in. Babies need a shallow dish with about 1/2' of water in it.

Care Sheet Dubias


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